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Many struggling people feel they are trapped in their unhealthy/criminal behaviors due to shame and fear, lest they be discovered and lose their public and family acceptance, along with severe legal repercussions. Some also fear the expense of therapy imploding their finances.


The mission of MAN is to give initial support tools as a catalyst toward Managing Adult Needs in healthy ways. It remains necessary to:

  1. Connect and process with peers who will support safety and growth.

  2. Get help from a therapist/mentor who is experienced with these struggles.

  3. Join a support group.

Benefits of this program are to:

  • Raise communal awareness of the real risks within the community.

  • Create community and family safety plans.

  • Encourage the community to create more opportunity for those seeking therapeutic help to access it.


Doing the work may seem daunting, even impossible. King Dovid stated (Tehillim 126:5) "Those who plant with tears will reap in song".

In the original Hebrew הַזֹּרְעִים בְּדִמְעָה בְּרִנָּה יִקְצֹרוּ


MAN does not seek to protect offenders nor diminish the harmful impact of abuse.

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